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We have found sustainability to be a journey, not a destination. We work hard to do the right thing and are always looking for better ways to do it. We believe that sustainability and long term business success are linked.

Seafood from well managed sources is a sustainable super food! We partner with like minded organisations and are completely transparent about the products we offer.

We strive to provide products from sustainable fisheries rather than just sustainable species as this approach evaluates both the species and the fishery.

Most environmentally friendly form of food production

Recent research by University of Washington professor of aquatic and fishery science, Professor Ray Hilborn has shown that well managed fishing has less overall impact on ecosystems and biodiversity than land-based farming (dairy, meat & grain). This includes the amount of water used, the amount of CO2 created, and the fact that fishing requires no use of fertilizers or pesticides.

Our Labelling

The providence of our seafood has been of personal interest since we opened in November 2012. Product labelling and staff training are both important tools to ensure that our seafood can be traced to its source, and that this information can be communicated accurately and reliably to our customers.

All of our seafood is labelled in a manner that exceeds FSANZ labelling standards.

For fresh, frozen (where manufactured by us) and cooked seafood we label:

CountryThe country of origin

WWhether it is wild caught or farmed (including the farm)

SWhether it is sustainably fished according to the EPBC Act

All of our packaged seafood complies with FSANZ standards.

Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC)

All Australian wild caught seafood is harvested from sustainably managed and accredited fisheries under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1995.

The Queensland commercial fishing industry is managed by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries and must meet all environmental conditions regulated by the Commonwealth government.

More information on ecologically sustainable fishing in Australia and the EPBC Act can be viewed here.

MSC Certification

625567_484122131641977_815878477_nThere are many organisations and websites purporting to offer scientific information about sustainable seafood, and whilst some of this information is accurate, most of it only evaluates the species rather than the sustainability of a fishery as a whole.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is the world’s leading certification and ecolabelling program for sustainable seafood. MSC meets the highest benchmarks for credible certification and ecolabelling, including the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation guidelines and the ISEAL Code.

We currently sell two MSC Certified Products, the Cod used in 80% of our Fish & Chips (Capensis Hake) and the North QLD Tiger Prawn (seasonal).

21 facts about MSC can be viewed here.

MSC certification of our business (in addition to our products) is something we value and desire to do in the future.

Threatened Species

98 Fish monitors and proactively manages the environmental impact of our business, including of our products.

As such we do not sell or promote the sale of products listed by the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment , Water, Pollution and Communities as “Critically Endangered”, “Endangered”, “Vulnerable” or “Conservation Dependent”.

Most notably we do not sell or advocate the sale of Orange Roughy (also called Sea Perch) as it is listed as “Conservation Dependent” by the Australian Government.

This information can be viewed here or searched here.

We thank you for supporting Australia’s sustainable seafood future.