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We are delightfully fastidious about the quality of the products we sell and we take pride in the Australian companies that we partner with.

Oysters on Bribie | Cardinal Seafoods


Oysters on Bribie suppliers of Coffin Bay Oysters

Pure Coffin Bay Oysters grow naturally in the nutrient rich waterways of Coffin Bay. The oysters aren’t fed at all, they filter feed naturally from the bountiful enriched ocean.

Located in the remote, unspoilt and pure waters of Coffin Bay. Stringent water testing conducted by SASQAP.

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Preferred by chefs around Australia, we exclusively stock fresh Coffin Bay Oysters.  Unlike many – our fresh oysters have never been frozen and you can taste the difference!

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Cardinal Seafoods

Cardinal Seafood supplies us with Australia’s finest seafood. Cardinal Seafood’s are the only Seafood supplier in Brisbane that has their own fleet of fishing boats. This guarantees supply of many products and gives us the greatest quality control.

Products that may be supplied are:

Shellfish, Prawns and Prawn Products, Fresh Fish and Fresh Whole Fish, Scallops, Squid and many other products.

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