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Hello Fish & Chips lovers!

We offer one of the only true Gluten Free Fish & Chip experiences on the Sunshine Coast.

Nearly all of our menu is available Gluten Free.

What we mean by that is:

1. If we make it in store, it is available gluten free, 95% of our menu is available gluten free (excludes items such as Seafood Sticks, Dim Sims and Spring Rolls, Chicken nuggets).

2. Our preparation and storages processes are designed to avoid cross-contamination.

3. Our gluten free batter (which is similar to tempura) and crumb is applied to order, and separately to the regular batter and crumb.

4. Our gluten free fryers only cook gluten free products, are filtered first, and always receives the fresh oil when we do an oil rotation to avoid cross contamination.

5. Gluten Free products are cooked with separate utensils and salted in the serving trays to avoid cross contamination.

We would love the opportunity to serve you Gluten Free in the future.

Other Gluten Free items in store include:

Tomato & BBQ sauces
Garlic Aioli
Chipolte Sauce
Greek & Garden Salads
Thai & Salmon Cakes, bought from the freezer, grilled or Gluten Free crumbed