Fresh Seafood

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Queensland is home to some of the finest seafood in the world, and the Sunshine Coast region provides us with a plentiful bounty of exceptional delicacies.

With regular fresh deliveries and fastidious quality control, the fresh seafood you buy from 98 Fish will exceed your expectations.

What’s fresh today?


Our fresh seafood selection includes:

  • Fish Fillets – A premium selection of a changing variety of fresh Australian fish.
  • Prawns – A seasonal selection of fresh local cooked and green (raw) prawns. 
  • Oysters – Large Coffin Bay oysters are opened every day.
  • Crabs – When in season, Spanner Crabs, Sand Crabs, Mud Crabs are available to order cooked or green (raw).
  • Bugs – Both Moreton Bay and occasionally Balmain Bugs.
  • Mussels – Live Australian Black Mussels and Pasteurised New Zealand Greenlip Mussels.

Our gourmet seafood selection includes:

  • Smoked – Atlantic Salmon, Ocean Trout , Peppered Mackerel, Kippers, Cod.
  • Marinated – Mussels, Oysters and Fish.
  • Pastes, Curries and Sauces

Our frozen selection includes:

  • Fish Fillets – A selection of fresh frozen Australian and New Zealand fish fillets.
  • House Made – Thai Fish Cakes, Atlantic Salmon Cakes, Oysters Kilpatrick, Marinara Packs.
  • Whitebait – Australian and Chinese.
  • Octopus, Squid and Battered And Crumbed Fish and Calamari
  • Variety of Frozen Prawns and Gyozas

…in addition to an ever changing range of interesting and unusual seafood!