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December has arrived… the crazy season begins!! If you are thinking about Christmas…??  Check out our fresh selection at 98Fish… If you would like to place an order to guarantee seafood for your Christmas lunch/dinner, we have our order form available: Christmas Order Form online or printed versions are in store. We are sorry but we will […]

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moreton bay

Moreton Bay Rock Oysters

We welcome the Moreton Bay Rock Oyster to 98Fish. Wild and Oceanic-grown in the pristine Moreton Bay Marine Parks Similar species to the Sydney Rock Oyster which are typically River-grown. The Moreton Bay Rock Oyster has flavour unique to the beautiful environment where it is grown, oceanic-grown providing a salty, sweet aftertaste. Regularly Available Fresh […]

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“Mussels are one of the most sustainable types of seafood” – Jamie Oliver All About Mussels Australian mussel growers farm a species called ‘Mytilus galloprovincialis’ which are often called Blue or Black mussels and are native to Australia. Their official name is the ‘Australian Blue Mussel’. A mussel has two hinged shells, held together by a ‘ligament’ called […]

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Fresh Fish for Easter

Fresh fish and seafood for Easter We are expecting to have the following Atlantic Salmon Wild caught Barramundi Goldband Snapper Red Emperor And other Reef variety to be confirmed In fillets and whole fish Please order for whole fish or fillets Please see our PDF online order form or place order in store to guarantee […]

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Prawns – White Spot

Many of you have likely heard of this disease and may have concerns. This article released by the Qld Government will help keep your mind at ease, some key points within this is: “The good news from the report is that there is no evidence that the virus has impacted on the wild catch of […]

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Telephone issues 20th March 2017

For our valued customers who may be trying to phone us… although the phone may ring for you we are not receiving any phone calls .. the very unhelpful telecommunications have lodged a fault to be investigated within 48 hours. So we are open as usual and am sorry we are unable to receive your […]

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knobby snapper

Fishy Fact … Knobby Snapper

Juveniles are known as Cockney. It is not until Knobby Snapper reach 2 + kgs that they are called Snapper and as they develop the tell tale hump on their head they become known as knobby or old man snapper. Snapper are a top-quality eating fish and are one of the most popular table fish […]

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grilled fish

Fresh @ 98Fish & Storage Tips

Fresh in store now, we have the following fish fillets available to start the sunny week… Goldband Snapper, Cobia, Sweetlip, Mixed Reef, Wild Barramundi, Red Emperor, Blue Eye Trevella, Atlantic Salmon We look forward to seeing you at 98Fish.  Have a great week! Some information on how to best store your fresh fish fillets: Most importantly ‘fresh is best’ and seafood where […]

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98 FISH Product Shot-55

Coffin Bay Oysters

Due to extreme cold weather in South Australia, harvesting of fresh oysters has not been able to occur. So unfortunately 98Fish will be out of stock of our wonderful coffin bay oysters for a little while… hopefully not for too long.

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Atlantic Salmon

Due to Tasmanian weather and warmer waters impacting growth of Atlantic Salmon, our suppliers have advised of increasing prices. We will do our best by our customers as always but unfortunately as there have been 3 prices rises in a matter of weeks, these are being passed along. For more information on the current situation, […]

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