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Fresh in store

Fresh for the weekend Variety of snappers… Flame Snapper, Knobby Snapper, Goldband Snapper, Coral Trout, Wild Barramundi, Swordfish, Mahi mahi, Blue Eye trevella, Atlantic Salmon All available fresh or cooked in store to your liking. Open from 10.30-7.30pm Live menu updated regularly We look forward to seeing you at 98Fish    

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Flame Snapper – Fresh in store

We are fortunate to have current supply of this great fish which is more available in winter months than other times of the year… Flame Snapper is a tropical snapper of the Lutjanidae family (Tropical Snappers and sea perches). Flame Snapper are a great eating fish with mild-medium flavour, low oiliness and moist, great sweetness with flaky […]

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Some information on Swordfish –Xiphias gladius Swordfish are a fast-swimming fish that has a long, sharp bill. Can swim up to 60 mph (100 kph) They are found worldwide in all tropical, subtropical, and temperate seas, from the surface down to 400 or 500 fathoms. Swordfish can reach a maximum length of 4.5 metres and a […]

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Fresh @ 98Fish

Fresh to start the week, we have Swordfish, Barramundi (wild caught), Goldband Snapper, Flame Snapper, Blue Eye Trevella, Red Emperor, Atlantic Salmon, Sand and Mud Crabs, Mooloolaba King Prawns, Coffin Bay oysters expected Tuesday   We look forward to seeing you at 98Fish

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grilled fish

Fresh for the weekend

We are fortunate to have nice reef variety and other fish for this rainy weekend… Goldband Snapper   Knobby Snapper  Red Snapper  Mulloway  Blue eye trevella  Red Emperor  Coral Trout  Sea Perch  Sweetlip  Atlantic Salmon Wild Caught Barramundi   Fresh Mooloolaba King Prawns Fresh Coffin Bay Oysters   Snap frozen fish fillets in the freezer and […]

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crispy skin

Fresh @98Fish

Fresh fish in store Mahi Mahi, Wild Caught Barramundi, Sweetlip, Moses Perch, Swordfish, Mahi Mahi, Atlantic Salmon   Fresh Mooloolaba King Prawns And Coffin Bay Oysters Great selection of other prawns scallops mussels and smoked salmon   We look forward to seeing you at 98fish

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“Mussels are one of the most sustainable types of seafood” – Jamie Oliver All About Mussels Australian mussel growers farm a species called ‘Mytilus galloprovincialis’ which are often called Blue or Black mussels and are native to Australia. Their official name is the ‘Australian Blue Mussel’. A mussel has two hinged shells, held together by a ‘ligament’ called […]

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Fresh update for Easter – 98Fish

Open 10am – 7.30pm Thursday 10am – 7.30pm Good Friday 10.30am – 7.30pm Easter Saturday Closed Easter Sunday & Monday Available Fresh for your Easter: Fresh Goldband Snapper, Atlantic Salmon, Wild caught Barramundi, Mixed Reef (Sea Perches), Coral Trout, Blue Eye Trevella, Red Emperor (limited), Whole Fish – Goldband Snapper & Mixed Reef available (limited) […]

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Fresh Fish for Easter

Fresh fish and seafood for Easter We are expecting to have the following Atlantic Salmon Wild caught Barramundi Goldband Snapper Red Emperor And other Reef variety to be confirmed In fillets and whole fish Please order for whole fish or fillets Please see our PDF online order form or place order in store to guarantee […]

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easter fish eggs

Easter 2017

Fresh Easter Seafood Please download pdf 98Fish Easter Order Form 2017 and return in store or via email to Forms are available in store also Returns due by Tuesday 11th April Placing an order helps us to provide you with what you want, however there are no guarantees on fresh fish availability at this time. […]

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